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Shed History

The Rosefield Community Shed (RCS), after five rewarding and successful years at Highgate Park in Fullarton, SA, moved to a new home at the Adelaide Showground in Wayville in 2018.

From its humble beginnings as a perceived need by members of the Rosefield Uniting Church, it was formed initially as a Men’s Shed in a workshop at Highgate Park, (formerly The Julia Farr Centre) and then evolved into a Community Shed with membership encouraged from men and women of all ages.

Positive changes arising from the inception and subsequent realisation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the role of Highgate Park changed, resulting in the tenure of the Shed becoming limited. Following discussion between Dept of Community and Social Inclusion, now Dept of Human Services (DHS) and the Shed in early 2017, a new home for RCS became necessary.

Members of the Management Committee approached various agencies in the Unley area with little avail, however in a fortuitous discussion with the Member for Unley, David Pisoni, he directed us to the management of the The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA (RAHS) at Wayville. Our initial approach to the CEO of RAHS, John Rothwell, was received positively and enthusiastically. The Board of RAHS approved Rosefield Community Shed using a suitable site at the Adelaide Showground.

Subsequently, it was agreed that the Shed tenure would cease at Highgate Park on 30th September 2018. The management of DHS through negotiation with RCS, very generously proposed that the machinery and tools in the Highgate Park maintenance area be would gifted to RCS and be transported and installed in our new home at the Showground.

Our new home in the Farmyard Nursery Pavilion covers a large area and most importantly for the tenets of the Shed, has a sizeable area suitable for a meeting/coffee/lunch room. Members of the Shed have adapted this area into a comfortable space installing lined walls, an insulated ceiling with ceiling fans, heating and new LED lighting. Members have also built kitchen cabinetry and storage rooms as well as undertaken an extensive paint job.


The RAHS have provided positive support and encouragement to RCS and assisted greatly with the provision of the necessary electrical infrastructure to accommodate our machinery.

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